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  • Sku: 00836
  • Vendor: CaribSea

CaribSea: Super Naturals - Carolina Creek

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Product description

Turn your fishy friends’ home into a gorgeous river with Carib Sea Super Naturals Carolina Creek Aquarium Gravel. Made in the USA, this beautiful, uncoated river substrate is naturally infused with water-purifying bacteria that clarifies and conditions your setup’s water. It is inert, meaning it won’t impact the water’s pH levels and will allow the bacteria to proliferate. Fintastic for freshwater or marine environments where pH and alkalinity are properly maintained, this pre-washed gravel prevents reflections at the base of the tank—so your fish don’t get aggravated. Additionally, it facilitates protective slime coats for your fish and reduces harmful nitrates and nitrites, so your fishy friend can swim around comfortably.


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CaribSea: Super Naturals - Carolina Creek